Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Bump and hustle

Our mix for april 2010. A lil bit electro-ish (what you call it?) we really don't know how to explain it, it contains good musics from great people out there. There's a one problem though,if you downloaded our previous mix (7.14) there was still going's spaghetty circus, right? in this mix we accidentally put that song once again, but what can we say? the song is dope!. Download it and enjoy!



1. Brad shitt - Casbah breakdown
2. Mock & Toof - Farewell to wendo
3. Lindstrom and Christabelle - Baby can't stop (idjut boys remix)
4. Charanga'79 - Good times
5. Glenn underground - Future shock
6. Impedance - Tainted love (Underground mix)
7. Giorgia morandi - Children of the sky
8. Faze actions - Hypnotic (discomix)
9. John martyn - 1984 (Lovefingers remix)
10. The Gap band - Outstandsing (Greymatter rework)

TRIP IN! Feat. K47


Friday, April 2nd 2010

Republic Revolution Cafe and Lounge Yogyakarta
Start @ 10PM

Awa ( K47 / Bandung )
Areef ( K47 / Bandung )

VJ DigitalHallucination

Fully Supported by:

Swaragama FM


GET 2CHIVAS or JackD + Mix Only Rp 1.950.000
GET 2Red LABEL + Mix Only Rp 1400.000
GET 2VIBE + Mix Only Rp 700.000

Disc 15% For All Beverages Except Beer
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Rabu, 24 Maret 2010




A tasty groovy nite perfectly blends with any kind of disco, funk, balearic house & twist of techy sound. Have a bite!



featuring MYSCTICAL (energyroom)

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010


One of my fav track from an indonesian electronic artist, Rock n Roll mafia (R.N.R.M). I really like how it goes, it's very mature, they really know with what they did, i mean, it's perfect. Can't wait to watch their live performance. All hail R.N.R.M !

RNRM - Outbox

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010


We made this mix while were in jakarta, at my friend's place. We were stoned, and didn't know what to do, so we decided to make a mix. I love the first track, i got the vinyl from jl. surabaya, it's a block where you can find tons of good used records with reasonable price. Just download it, it's not the best mix, but hey... we recorded it live and stoned! enjoy

Tracklist :
1. Grand master slice - Electric slide (Mr. Lee Radio Remix)
2. Birth Control - Gamma Ray (Fitzcaraldo variations remix)
3. Late of the Pier - Bears are coming (beyond the wizard's sleeves remix)
4. Femi kuti - Do Your Best (Faze Action Remix)
5. Carl Craig - Angola
6. Bunny hopper - Chop Shot Chop
7. Animal sounds
8. Afrikali - Out Of the Jungle
9. Angela - I gotta little love
10. Still Going - Spaghetty circus
11. Love Deluxe - Here comes that sounds (SDC Edit)
12. -
13. Nina simone - take care of business (Pilooski re edit)
14. Amy winehouse - Tears dry on theyr own (NYPC Remix)
15. Alexandra parade - Barney's bubble
16. Dan Hartman - Relight my fire
17. -
18. -
19. Capracara - King of the witches (Rub n Tug Remix)

Mystical - 7.14

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010


Our friend "Lintang enrico" and our another friend "sony" a.k.a JFK, did their new re-edit work of an old band called The Rollies,originally came from the 70's era (yeaaah). Nobody knows where the hell they are these days (at least we don't know) but their works still rocked, as we speak. It's a really good tune to have and play if you're a dj, nice classy stuff. If you want to play this track in a club, make sure it's a saturday night, people took their pills, smoked their weed, and having a good time.

"The rollies - malam minggu (JFK Re-edit)"

Selasa, 09 Maret 2010


Formed in 2009, MYSTICAL is a Back to Back project of Bintang & Ones. Playing good music with no boundaries, disco - nudisco, house, bla bla bla, you name it!. Here, you can download our mixes, tracks, etc. Keep in touch wankers!